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February 13, 2010


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Photobucket We want you
We want you
We want you as a new recruit!

Mercenary companies tend to have a high death rate.  As a result, Das Geld Fahnlein is always looking for new recruits to fill out our ranks.  And since a Landsknecht baggage train tended to contain as many camp followers as soldiers, the Guild needs not just men, but women and children to fill out our unit.

We hold regular workshops where we share our research and teach each other skills that we need in order to accurately portray people who lived in the 16th century.

Because we do “first person” interpreting, each Guild member is expected to develop a character based off those men and women historically associated with a Fahnlein. While the Guild provides basic training in appropriate skills and dress, you are expected to perform your own research to help flesh out your character and add to the depth of historical knowledge of the Guild. As a Guild member you have the opportunity to portray the same character year after year.

Our Guild workshops (basic training) cover the following:

  • Pike drill (much like the US Marines, all Guild members carry a weapon, at least in rehearsals)
  • Musket (arquebus) drill
  • Camp safety (black powder, fire, and weapons safety)
  • Appropriate historic costume and construction.  We’ll even help you learn to sew if you don’t know how.
  • Camp fire cooking, renaissance recipes and diet.
  • Landsknecht history
  • Basic German (learning your “rechts” from your “links”)
  • Developing an accent
  • Religion and Latin prayers (Our Fahnlein is Catholic, but there were also Jews and early Protestants during our time period.)

New members need to attend a Guild workshop in order to meet members of the Guild and learn more about Guild activities.  That will also be our chance to get to know you.  Our bylaws require that all new recruits have a current active member as their sponsor in order to join the Guild.

If you live in the New England area and think you might be interested in learning more about the Guild, please contact BOTH

  •  The Hauptman – Stephen Pasker Shellenbean at  landsknecht at autumntree dot net (spelled out to avoid spam)
  • Communications Officer – Brittney Belz at DasGeldFahnlein at gmail dot com (spelled out to avoid spam)


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