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February 2, 2010


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Landsknecht FAQs
Landsknecht study questions

Clothing – Research and Inspiration

Yahoo German Renaissance Costume group
The Curious Frau  (Marion McNealy)
The Frazzled Frau
Extreme Costuming  (Laura Mellin, AKA Attack Laurel)
Festive Attyre  (Jennifer Thompson)
Hartwood Castle (Catherine Griffith AKA Catherine Grace Fitzlewis, Order of the Laurel)
Reconstructing History – Cranach Gown

Fabric and Notions

Article – What fabric should I use?

Linen Sources

Dharma Trading Company- 3.8oz linen is suitable for smocks, shirts, & caps.
Fabric - Lets you sort by color and weight. Buy the 3 oz linen for veils, the 4 oz linen for body linens, and the 6-7 oz linen for outerwear.
Grey Line Linen
Osgood’s textiles
Renaissance Fabrics
William Booth Draper - Caters to 18th century reenactors.

Silk Sources

Pure Silks – A source for silk brocade.  Just be sure to check the fabric content before you order, because despite the company name, they carry cottons and synthetics.
Thai Silks – Source for silks and silk/rayon velvets.
Sator - Purveyors of fabulous historic reproduction textiles.  They can be pricey, but worth noting as they are one of the few sources currently reproducing period silk brocades.

Wool Sources

Many wools are now blends. Try to find the highest percentage of wool that you can.
Osgood’s textiles- If you’re anywhere near New England, it is worth taking a drive to Osgood’s. They have more wool than any other store in the country. And 3 million yards of fabric in stock.
B Black and Sons
Fabric Mart
Hamilton Dry Goods
Renaissance Fabrics
William Booth, Draper


Reconstructing History - Hooks and eyes, tapes, period pins and needles, and more.
Historic Enterprises – Hooks and eyes, garters, points, etc.

Landsknect Patterns

Reconstructing History
• RH 501 – Saxon (Cranach) Gown
• RH 502 – Landsknecht Wams and Hosen
• RH 503 – Waffenrock
• RH 504 – Kampfrau or Common Woman’s Gown
• RH 505 – German Accessories
Period Patterns
• PP 46 – Women’s German Puff-and-Slash

Pattern Generators

Corset pattern generator
Smock pattern generator

Clothing – Assembly

See also – Magda’s Pinterest “tutorials” board

Basic Hand stitches – Part 1
Basic Hand stitches – Part 2
Basic Hand stitches – Part 3
Basic Hand stitches – Part 4
Sewing Seams
Hand Sewn Eyelets
Hand Sewn Eyelets
Hand Sewn Eyelets
Hand Sewn Eyelets
Period Pleats
Cartridge Pleating
Cartridge Pleating
Cartridge Pleating
Cartridge Pleating
Knife Pleating
Slashing 101
Spiral Lacing

Clothing – Shoes

Article – Shoes in 16th Century Germany
Bohemond Bootmaker
Reconstructing History
Native Earth - Scroll down to Landsknecht (custom shoes only)

NOTE: After hearing from multiple sources that Revival.US  does not pay their suppliers, we can no longer recommend them as a source for Landsknecht shoes.  (NOT to be confused with Revival Clothing, an entirely different, and reputable, vendor.)

Food / Cooking / Recipes

The Food Timeline
Alia Atlas’s translation of Daz buoch von guoter spise (1345 – 1354)
David Freidman’s translation of Das Kochbuch der Sabina Welserin (c. 1553)
M. Grasse’s translation of Marx Rumpolt’s Ein New Kochbuch , c. 1581
Gode Cookery – Medieval Recipes
Medieval recipes – categorized by country
SCA site that includes menu for a German feast.
And, if you speak German, this SCA cook’s page has links to several period cookbooks in German.
Web version of a 1507 cookbook in German.

Merchants – Weapons

Arms and Armor
By the Sword

Miscellaneous Research

Gerry and Julie’s Landsknecht page – List of German Names
Hofkleiderbuch – 1508 book full of pictures of the full skirted men’s costume, good for colors if nothing else!
Merchant who has some actual artifacts for sale

German Language Resources

Article – The Web Way to Learn a Language
Rosetta Stone
Tell Me More
Free Rice – You can make a charitable donation while you brush up on your existing German vocabulary.
And if you just want to learn more about Germany, visit Deutsche Welle, Germany’s international broadcaster.

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