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August 16, 2009


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Other Landsknecht Groups

English Landksnecht (or Web sites in English)

• Das Geld Fahnlein on FaceBook!
Das Teufels Alpdrücken Fähnlein (The Devil’s Nightmare Regiment) on Facebook (Maryland)
Guild Of St. Longinus Fähnlein der Heiligen Lanze, on Facebook (Company of the Holy Lance) (New York/New Jersey)
Guild of Saint Maximilian on Facebook (California)
Das Heiligesturm Fahnlein (Holy Story Fahnlein) (California)
Das Kriegshunde Fahnlein (The War Dogs Fahnlein ) (California)
Das NachtJager Fahnlein (The Night Hunter Company) (Ohio/ Midwest)
Gerry and Julie’s Landsknecht and Costume Site
An SCA member’s Lansknecht site. While the SCA is a historic organization, they are not necessarily a reenactment group.

Did you know that Wikipedia has a page that lists Historic Reenactment Groups? (Note that each column in the table is sortable to make it easier to find what you’re looking for)

You can also join and network with other Landsknecht around the world.

European Landsknecht (or non-English Web sites)

Even if you can’t read the text, it is often worth the time to explore European sites for the photos.
Landsknechtsgruppe – Not quite the Guild’s style of costumes, but the events section has tons of encampment photos.
Des Schedels Schwarzer Haufen – Click the Galerie/Portrait to see more nice photo galleries of encampments.
Company of Saint George – One of the more famous European reenactment groups.

Honorary Landsknecht (or other groups that play with pikes)

Guild of Saint Michael: Trayne’d Band of Bristol – Pike and shot group at the Bristol Rennaissance Faire.
Salem Trayned Band – Pike and shot group in Salem, MA

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