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January 4, 2015

2016 Events

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Photos courtesy of the webmistress.

This year the following dates are on the Guild events calendar.  If you want to chat with someone from the Guild, look for the conspicuous Germans at the following events:

Market Day at Birka

Dates – Saturday January 30th

Location – Manchester, NH

Link -

Type of event – SCA event

Guild participation – Recruiting, shopping, being German in an English zone.

New England Reenactors Faire and Swap Meet

Date – Saturday February 20, 10:00 – 5:00

Location – Sturbridge, MA (NOT at Old Sturbridge Village)

Type of event – Reenactment Swap Meet

Guild participation – Attending, shopping.

FPIPN First Person Interpreter’s Retreat

 Date – Friday April 1- Sunday April 3

Location – Strawbery Banke, Portsmouth, NH

Type of event – The Association for Living History, Farm, and Agricultural Museums biennial conference

Guild participation – Presenters, participants

Early Modern Muster of Arms (EMMA)

Date – Friday April 22 – Sunday April 24

Location – Historic Fort Wayne, Fort Wayne, IN

Type of event – First person immersion reenactment

Guild participation – Participants

Mutton and Mead

Dates – Saturday June 18 and Sunday June 19

Location – Turners Falls, MA

Link –

Type of event – Renaissance Faire

Guild participation – Small encampment.

NY Rennaissance Faire (Tuxedo)

Dates – TBD (Faire dates are Aug. 6 – Oct. 2, 2016)

Location – Tuxedo Park, NY

Link –

Type of event – Renaissance Faire

Guild participation – Visiting the Guild of Saint Longinus

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

Dates – Weekends and Columbus Day October 1 – 30

Location – North Haven, CT, North Haven Fairegrounds

Link -

Type of event – Renaissance Faire

Guild participation – Encampment and Demonstrations

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Photos courtesy of Eric Tetreault of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire.



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