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September 25, 2009

2009 CTRF

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Das Geld Fahnlein at the

Connecticut Renaissance Faire

[Photo taken dress rehearsal weekend, so costumes were not all complete yet!]

The members of the Guild of St. Moritz have been working hard all summer getting ready for their first encampment event as a Guild. The warriors of Das Geld Fahnlein and the frauen of the baggage train will be at the Lion’s Faire ground in Hebron, CT at the Connecticut Renaissance Faire weekends and Columbus Day, from September 26th through October 18th, 2009.

The guild will be recreating a military encampment from the early 16th century and will be putting on educational displays of the skills and life of a Landsknecht unit, soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire and the members of their baggage train.

Daily activities and demonstrations will include the following:

11:00 – Battlefield Medicine – The Fahnlein’s barber surgeon and midwife share the very latest in 16th century medical technology.

12:30 – Cooking Demonstration – The frauen cook the midday meal for the Fahnlein while discussing 16th century methods of food preparation and preservation. (sorry, no samples)

2:45 – Soldier School – Recruits who have paid for membership to Soldier’s School will be taught basic soldiering skills: How to march, follow orders, and handle a pike. At the completion of the school, members will parade with the fahnlein to the beginning of the weapons demonstration.

3:30 – Weapons Demonstration – The Hauptmann leads the men of the fahnlein in weapons drill with pike and arquebus.

Stitchery and handcrafts

Games and pastimes

Please stop by to chat with our friendly guild members, or catch one of our shows.


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