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July 20, 2009

Creating a Character – Kid’s worksheet

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Historical Persona Worksheet

So you’ve been given a name or an occupation, you’ve done the research and made the report. How are you going to bring that person to life? Following is a list of questions, think if them as topics for conversation for when you are portraying your person.
You may need to make educated guesses on these questions. Make sure they have some basis in reality. Use your classmates to fill in the details, and use their personae to populate your own story. An example follows.

What is Your Name?

What is your occupation?

List some daily tasks (at least four):

Where do you live?

Who is your family?

What is your station?

What is your home like?

How do you get food?

What do you worry about? (list four)

What did you learn when growing up, and from whom?

Write a letter to someone (family or friend) including as least 6 facts from the topics above.

Historical Persona Example

What is Your Name?   Edward Nott, the forester

What is your occupation? I take care of the lord’s forest lands.

Where do you live? I live in England in a forest miles from any villages or castles.

Who is your family? I have a wife and two children who live with me, and a brother who is a guard at the castle.

What is your station? I am a peasant, but I am also sort of a servant.

What is your home like? I live in a small one-room hut, with a loft and a stable that is in the middle of the forest.

How do you get food? My wife has a garden, and the lord provides grains, and I hunt for meat. My wife prepares our meals.

List some daily tasks (at least four):
• Traveling through the forest to survey my land
• Making sure the paths are clear
• Cleaning my weapons that I use against strangers and animals
• Making a report to my lord master.

What do you worry about? (list 4 things)
• About bandits in the forest
• About my children’s future
• Whether the lord will bring more food.
• If my brother will get killed in action.

What did you learn when growing up, and from whom? I learned how to take care of the forest from my father, how to care for my house from my mother, and how to serve a lord from my older brother.

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