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May 28, 2009

A Landsknecht Photo

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Landsknecht Guild spokesman, he's not just the president, he's also a client

Eine gute landsknecht. Der Hauptmann!

New format

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In the interest of more user interactive content, we’re trying a wordpress based web presence. If this doesn’t work out well, I will soon replace it with a smouldering crater.

Sincerely, the guy who used to be in IT but still wants to have his own servers (and does) and still help out friends in the process. -john

Mercenaries needed!

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Mercenaries Needed!

Announcing the Formation of the Guild of Saint Maurice

March 24, 2009 – Have you ever wanted to be a part of the Connecticut Renaissance Faire but were uncertain about auditioning for the cast? Maybe you don’t have as much time as the commitment requires, or you’re not comfortable memorizing lines and performing on stage but still want to dress up and play a part. Or, quite possibly, you just want to carry around large weapons, cook over a fire, and tell the patrons a little something about the history of the time. Well, now there’s a place for you!

CTRF is pleased to announce the formation of a historical guild modeled off those seen at renaissance faires throughout the US. This group will recreate a military encampment from the early 16th century and will display the skills and life of a Landsknecht unit, soldiers of the Holy Roman Empire. Both men and women are welcome as there are many roles to be filled and a variety of demonstrations to be provided. Each guild member will develop a character based off those historically associated with these daring men and women.

Daily activities will include drilling with the weapons of the time, cooking demonstrations, displays of medical skills, fight training, and camp life. Each member will be aided in the construction of a costume appropriate to their character and shall have the opportunity to portray the same character year after year. The guild itself shall function as a reenactment group tied to the faire but able to make its own decisions under the leadership of the Guild Director.

Rehearsals will be required but are limited to 6 rehearsal days spread throughout the weekends before the faire opens plus an organizational meeting in May. Faire day attendance is also flexible with a minimum requirement of 2 days attendance, though guild members are encouraged to attend each day they can. This being the first year of the guild members will have a real opportunity to help it grow with their research, enthusiasm, and participation. The guild shall be directed by Stephen Pasker, Guild Director for CTRF. Stephen has been the Executive Director for the Performance Cast for the past 7 years and is eager to build this exciting addition to CTRF’s educational offerings.

Our first organization meeting took place on, Sunday May 10th, 2009. Our first rehearsal is scheduled for July 19 at the Hebron Fairgrounds, Hebron, CT. Contact the Hauptmann for more info: stephen at ctfaire dot com (spelled out to avoid spam)

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